Types of Chrome and Metal Wire Shelving

wire shelfWire shelves fit practically any room around your house or apartment and come in different designs, from two-shelf units and wall mounted pieces to additional shelves and sliding and slanted units.

Slanted and sliding units
Slanted shelves, for example, are easy to mount and come with bins and other units. The bins are made from plastic and are ideal for storing small items and parts. The shelving adjusts in increments, and there are optional swivel casters that are made from polyurethane. Sliding wire shelving is another variety that helps homeowners and businesses to increase their storage space by more than 40 percent. These units allow aisles to be turned into usable space. Sliding shelves are easy to install because tools are not required. Any smooth floor is suitable. They come with snap-together tracks and steel units that are chrome-plated. Additional accessories are also offered, including shelf liners and handles. An added benefit is the fact that the safety brakes prevent the shelves from moving when unloading and loading.

Mounted and corner units
There are also corner and wall mounted units. Corner pieces are ideal for homeowners who wish to make use of their corners and increase the space available. They come with 4 or more shelves and add-on units. Other benefits are that they are corrosion and rust resistant and have a good shelf capacity. Wall mounted units are another variety and help businesses and homeowners to add storage space. You can add storage space above counters and work areas in offices, pharmaceutical plants, restaurants, and other places. Chrome wire shelving features corrosion and rust resistant finishes and comes with mounting hardware, brackets, posts, and shelves. All units are NSF certified. The fact that the piece comes with an open wire design is an additional benefit because it reduces the build-up of dust.

Other varieties
There are also additional shelves to add to wall mounted and other units. Besides the fact that they are NSF certified, a major advantage is that they come with snap-on supports made from plastic. They resist corrosion and dust because the parts are made from chrome-plated and powder-coated carbon steel.

Another type to consider is the garment storage center or closet organizer. It takes several minutes to assemble meaning that you don’t need professional help. You will assemble the unit instantly. It is an all-in-one organizer for customers who want to save space. It is ideal for storage areas, closets, offices, and other spaces. There are extras such as polyurethane casters that make the unit portable. The organizer comes with hanging rods, wire shelves, and sliding wire baskets to keep different small items. Wire shelves also come in different sizes, designs, and colors. They have different width, size, and capacity and feature lockable and other casters. The price varies depending on the type of unit, but wire shelves are an affordable option for residential, commercial, and office buildings. Whether looking for a piece with shelves or baskets, there is a wide range of options.